Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bohol's Pride (Tourist Spots and Nature)

The most known tourist spot in Bohol, Philippines is the Chocolate Hills, located in the center part of Bohol. It got it's name Chocolate Hills, because when its summer time and the sun is up so hot, the grass on this hills dried up and change its color to brown like chocolates. Is that amazing? To see is to believe right? so you just have to see it for yourself.

Another precious pride of Boholanos is their very very cute little mammal, the famous Tarsier. It can only be found in Bohol, Philppines. This creatures are now extinct, that why the government protects them very well.

There's also a famous cave in Bohol, it's known to be the Hinagdanan Cave. It possesses everyone who sees the beauty inside the cave, so solemn and eye relaxing once you've entered inside the cave. Every place has a story, every cave has it's story, but unfortunately I don't know much about Hinagdanan Cave, so thats why I'm inviting you guys to see it for yourself the beauty of Bohol.


  1. Wow, Bohol Philippines is really a nice place. Are there more of this?

  2. by the way, my name is John... :)

  3. Hi there John, there are more of this beautiful places in Bohol that will surely amazed you. I might have new post featuring our beloved Bohol paradise, alright! Just keep in touch with this blog.


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