Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - Your Portal to Bohol Philippines

Hello again everyone! A lot of new websites now are coming out that let people connect with each other. One example of this is Friendster, another one is Facebook. There are also websites that let us share our videos just like Youtube.

These are very important for us now, right? It's because these are the ones that connect us to our love ones, and to the world. I also know another local website, a Boholano online community website, combined with friendster/facebook style and youtube, plus chat feature and forum. The website is called and everyone is invited to visit and join our local community website. Let us support local guys and that's for now, thanks!


  1. hahaha... akong logo!!! waaahhhh wa kay lain pagama dha? pero this time mangayo nkog honorary fee. hehehe...inato ra gud...hehehe

  2. hahaah... libre lang gihapon gud!


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